Friday, November 21, 2014

Making Progress In Parenting

I can remember my fear at being a new parent very clearly.  At the time, I was sure I was dealing with issues that no other parent had dealt with before.  Of course, I learned that wasn't true.

I was also convinced that I was raising my children to be more creative, more original, more intelligent than I was and perhaps, even than their peers.  I soon found out how impossible - and exhausting - that would be.

As a parent, I think THAT is our nature - to want more for our children AND to believe we can provide that space for greatness to emerge.  What became clear as I grew as a parent is that, while I want the best for my children, they have their own path to follow.

My real job, then, as a parent, was to affirm the very best version of THEM be revealed as they grew. So, as I had conversations with my kids, I used words that encouraged possibilities versus limitations.  I spoke about their originality versus simply fitting in.

What emerged from my own progress as a parent was a discovery of my children's unique gifts and talents.  They learned to move through fear and to take risks that helped them grow in their abilities.  They grew in self-respect, generous with their time and making choices that were empowering.

My children know that they matter, not just to Kevin and I, but that they matter here in this life.  And as they move through the challenges that come their way, they see the lessons and move courageously through the issues.

I am unique as a parent, building on the parenting I learned from others who have done it before.  My children are unique and will build on what they have learned from others.  And they will take their knowledge forward with an awareness that, while greatness may or may not be part of their journey, being who THEY are meant to be is really the path forward to happiness and fulfillment.

So, as a parent, are you letting your children travel their own path, supporting them with words of encouragement?

Today, I set the intention to remember that we are each here on our personal journey, even our children, and it is our job to guide and encourage others with words that allow for growth into the unique self.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." 

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within and listening to the still small voice, there is a knowing that Spirit is all there is.  It is a Divine Intelligence that awakens the feelings of endless joy and eternal happiness.  It is a Creative Wisdom that transforms and transcends.

Aligning with this knowing, I see clearly that I am one with Divine Intelligence.  I am endless joy and eternal happiness, on a journey of revelation and discovery.  My heart is open as Source expresses as me and through me, strong and powerful in each step I take.

As I grow in Life, I have compassion for the sometimes messy journey I am on as a parent.  I have faith that I am guided to make choices that allow my children to grow in loving and supportive ways.  I affirm that there is a passion within that lights my path in the perfect and right direction, knowing the same is true for my children.  I remember that I am doing the best I can with what I know as a parent and I listen for Divine Wisdom to show me how I can be even better at raising my children.  It's wonderful to see the transformation in all of our lives as I meet the gift of parenthood with trust, letting go of the fear of 'doing it wrong'.

I am filled with gratitude that Spirit is active within me, showing me the truth of who I am and who my children are.  I am thankful that I can let them be exactly who they are, knowing that they are guided in right and perfect ways.  And I am grateful that with every cloud in life, the sun is sure to shine and light the lessons that take each person to the next level.

From this place of thanksgiving and grace, I release my word to the Divine action of the law, knowing it is already done.  Life is wonderful.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Lotus Carroll/Flickr