Friday, June 27, 2014

You Might Risk Making Some People Mad

I am more and more convinced that everything in our lives has a season.  In my case, the career path I chose out of college had become no longer fulfilling and I was feeling as if I was selling myself short.  I was settling for less rather than reaching for my greatest potential.

Now that I've taken a sabbatical from work to discover what's next for me, and as I share that news with others, I've been surprised that not everyone is supportive of my choice.  It's almost as if they are angry at me for being able to take time off.

It's quite an interesting insight.  And yet, it's also a reflection of what I might have felt if I was on the receiving end of that news.

I have to admit that I spent a number of years being jealous of others, wishing that I had their life and complaining that similar opportunities for success never seemed available to me.

Now that I am cultivating more and more of an awareness of Oneness with the Universe, I can see that what I admired in others, that made me so jealous previously, is actually something that is also available IN ME too.

That revelation was a great lesson for me and allowed me to move beyond feelings of anger or resentment and step into gratitude that the opportunities I yearned for - the meaningful livelihood, the financial means and freedom to travel, the perfect home in a wonderful neighborhood - were available to me too.

And it was simply by rewiring my thoughts.

Every time I noticed someone with some aspect in their life that I would like to embody, I consciously shifted my thoughts to mentally say, "Congratulations, that's awesome."  And I followed that up by affirming: That which is in them is also in me.

At first, it was a challenge to want to congratulate them for their accomplishment but, like anything we practice and persist at, pretty soon, it changed my whole perspective and attitude.  Little by little, I started to really feel happy for them.

Now, I look for ways to compliment and encourage other's success.  And I envision that same success for myself.  I still use my mantra: That which is in them is also in me.

I am really grateful for that learning opportunity, especially now that I am on the other side of the lesson.   And it gives me a new perspective on the feelings of anger that I am now receiving.

I cannot live my life for others.  I realize that I might risk making people angry with me or jealous of me - and I may lose a few friends along the way - but I have to live my life how I choose and let go of what others think about it.

And what can I do for them?  Simply wish them the same insight that I received and hold the knowing that they too are up for the risk of making others mad.  Because it is a risk that opens the door to even greater things in the future.

So, where can you admire others for the qualities you'd like to create in yourself?  And in what area of your life are you willing to risk doing something great that may cause some people to leave your life?

Today, I set the intention to realize the same qualities I admire in others are also in me and I am willing to risk losing the support of some people in order to move into a bright new experience of living life to my greatest potential.

"When we meet each other, do we not feel that subtle Presence which flows
 through all things and gives light and color to our everyday experience?"  
~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

"Many times we find it difficult to love our neighbor because we believe that
 our neighbor is standing between us and our good.  Let me assure you that
 this is far from true.  No outer influence for good or evil
 can act upon us.  We ourselves release our good."  
~Joel S. Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence

Affirmative Prayer:
With the start of this new day, there is a wonder and appreciation of the One Infinite Life that is present in this moment.  And as the day unfolds, a Divine Intelligence is revealed as wisdom, as power, as the all-good in every hour and minute of time.  It is a Creative Presence that is always accessible, always available, always guiding in exquisite, beautiful ways.

This Divine Presence is centered deep within myself and at my core, I am an infinite being.  I am Spirit expressing on an amazing journey of expansion.  And as I stay in this space of Oneness with Spirit, with Source, I become available to the limitless possibilities that arrive at my doorstep each day.

Affirming that possibilities for my life are everywhere, there is a vibrant energy that invites me to explore all options.  I can make no wrong choices, having faith that I am always in the perfect place at the right time.  And I can let go of any thoughts of jealousy or anger, knowing that what I see in others also exists within me.  We are all part of the One Infinite Universe - perfect, whole and complete at our core.  Leaning into this, I welcome the potential for greatness to uplift my life and those that read these words.  Doors are opening and lives are being transformed and I claim that it is all magnificent and done in perfect Divine order.

Returning to the wonder of this day, I am deeply grateful for the Divine Presence that shows me how good life can be when I relax into the qualities that exist within - qualities of peace, of love, of harmony and of grace.  I am thankful for the confidence in knowing I am so supported by the Universe that I can take a sabbatical and know that all is well.  And I am filled with gratitude for the light and the color in my world as I meet others who are also in tune to their Divine nature.

From a place of deep gratitude, I release my word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is activated and revealed in everything I think, everything I say and in everything I do.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!

Photo courtesy of Rick Harris/Flickr