Thursday, June 4, 2015

Understanding Inspired Action

Every blog post I write includes an affirmative prayer.  And, I've noticed that things start to happen in my life after setting the intention and writing down my prayer.  But, what I've noticed the most is that it often drives ME to action.

Setting my intentions helps to gain clarity on what I want to experience in my life.  It is the action, though, that I believe helps to outwardly manifest what I'm desiring on the inside.

Understanding this gives me the courage to step out in faith when I can't see where the path is leading.  It feels risky and my ego, many times, tries to talk me out of taking the action my intuition is guiding me to take.

Still, when I move forward and take small steps, I look back and see how many of my actions have given me a new career that I love, a new home that I am so grateful for and a loving, nurturing relationship with my husband and children that fills me with happiness, to name a few.

Inspired action is the same advice I've heard couched a number of times in many ways.  It's only now, as I see it working in my life, that it is starting to hit home.

The hardest part of inspired action for me these days?  Being brave enough to declare what I want knowing that I will very likely receive it.

Today, I set the intention to allow the endless possibilities of life to flow through me as I take inspired action.

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises,
 is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do." 

"You must have vision higher than yourself.  
Divine powers are always at work to help you achieve your visions." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Taking a breath and centering in the power and presence of Spirit, there is the feeling of vibrancy and joy that makes itself known.  It is the One Creative Intelligence that is immense and timeless, multi-dimensional and infinite in nature.

I am an individualized expression of this One Creative Intelligence.  I am ignited by the passions of Spirit that lives through me, that experiences life as me.  And, in every moment, I am safe in stepping out into my greatness, fully supported by the Universe that wants only my good.

Trusting in this knowing, I choose to open up to the greater opportunities of my soul.  I explore the possibilities of a life of magnificence as I set intentions and take actions guided by my intuition.  My path is clear and insights flow with the grace of the Universe, leading me out of the shadows and into the light.  I welcome the joy and happiness and harmony and compassion that replace any worries or fears that hold me back.  And I affirm that life brings me everything that I need at the perfect time in the perfect way.

I give great thanks that as I listen to my inner wisdom and guidance, success and prosperity are revealed in my life.  I am grateful for the power of Source within that reminds me that I have the wings to soar high into possibility.  And I am thankful for the clear guidance of the Universe that leads me in the direction of my unlimited potential.

From this place of gratitude, I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it is already done in right and perfect ways.  Life is good and all is well.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Klearchos Kapoutsis/Flickr