Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Get Ready For Your Perfect Life

After successfully healing my flu bug, I can say this with more confidence; life has been really good lately.  My job is going well and what I don't know, I'm learning along the way.  My relationship with my husband is great.  Rather than growing stale after 13 years of marriage, we manage to mix it up and keep it fresh and exciting.

But, there's always something to work toward.  After all, life is all about the journey.  So, after reviewing my affirmations, it feels like it's time to make a move back into home ownership.  The beautiful thing is that it lines up with what's driving Kevin too so at least we're in sync (and sometimes that is half the battle)

I also have to admit, it's a little scary because I wasn't very good at it the first time around.  Instead of being grateful for what I had, I always looked at what needed improvement.  This time, though, I know that my right and perfect house is waiting.

What's funny is I'm torn between how detailed I should get with affirming what I want in a house.  OR, do I simply affirm that we own a house even better than I can imagine and detach from the outcome?

I do know there are some things I really desire at a soul level in a house.  I really want it to feel spacious yet not so large that you have to yell to talk to someone.  I really want a lot of natural light to brighten up the house.  I really want beautiful neighbors who are friendly and quiet and clean.  And, I really want a nice backyard for our dog, Cody.

And this leaves me in a pickle.

What does come to mind is maybe I simply need to just use my imagination.  Maybe I just imagine my house the way I would like it to be.  And, I start living in that house in my imagination.  And, then I simply go about my day in the expectancy that my house is here, now.

I've been told that what the mind experiences on the inside is what we will attract on the outside.  Our imagination creates our reality.  So, it's time to put it to the test.  Time to start imagining my desires and start creating my experience.  Time to let the Universe support me.

Today, I set the intention to imagine my perfect house and have faith that it will be fulfilled in the right and perfect way.

So, what are YOU imagining that you'd like to see fulfilled?

"I say imagination creates reality, and if this premise is true then imagination
 fulfills itself in what your life becomes." 

"The most beautiful world is always entered through imagination." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Turning within in this moment, there is the presence of Divine Love that loves, no matter what.  It is an Infinite Power that uplifts and is strong, no matter what.  It is a Creative Wisdom that is filled with faith and trust each and every day, no matter what.

This Infinite Power and Presence is always within me and delights in expressing as me.  I am the unconditional love of Spirit that flows through me.  And I am the peace of Spirit, ever-present to what is around me, savoring the present moment that is holy and sacred.

On this path I have chosen, I remember that I am made for greatness.  I affirm and know that I have all I need to live a beautiful life filled with prosperity and abundance.  And in this prosperity, I welcome the right and perfect home - spacious yet not too big, a floor plan that works well for our current family of three, plenty of natural light with high ceilings, walking distance to downtown Willow Glen and a yard that our dog enjoys playing in.  I imagine it, I see it, I believe it.  I claim the amazing feeling of happiness that wells up inside of me when I realize the Universe has guided me to something even better than I can imagine.

I am so grateful for the radiant love of Spirit that tells me I am deserving of all my good.  I give thanks for my beautiful home that fulfills my souls desire.  And I am filled with gratitude for the joy that lifts me up every day as I celebrate owning my own home again.

Enjoying the journey that is my life, I release this prayer to the consciousness of the Divine, knowing it is already done.  I simply need let Love lead the way.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Loving Earth/Flickr