Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Small Steps Will Serve You Well

One of my favorite sayings in New Thought is, "Change your thinking, change your life."  What this means for me is that I CAN create the life of my dreams.  On the flip side, I want the life of my dreams NOW.

So, while I have my sights set on big dreams, I know that I must also have patience.  I will get nowhere fast if I try to plow through and steam-roll over people to accomplish my vision.

I also know that I cannot do everything by myself nor can I control everything (as much as my controlling nature would like to).  As I co-create using my thoughts, things flow much more smoothly when I let the Universe guide and steer my direction, bringing people and circumstances into my life to help propel my dreams forward.

Knowing all of that, if I am going to be realistic about achieving my dreams, I can't NOT take action.  But - the action that works for me is to take small steps towards my goals every single day.  That's where my daily spiritual practice becomes important.

Every day that I wake up and roll out of bed, it's a new chance to be still, go within, and ask the Universe to show me the next best step toward my dreams.

Then - I listen.

One dream that I am working on is to become more of a musician.  While I'd like to be playing my flute on stage somewhere, I'm not quite ready for that leap (although I can see it very vividly in my imagination).  So, every day, I pull out my sheet music and practice.  I started with just 20 minutes q day, five days a week and have now bumped up to 30 minutes a day (small steps).  My next step will be to hire a flute instructor so I can clean up my technique.  And, as I take that next step, I trust that the next step after that will be revealed.

The same goes for my choice to eat more whole foods and clean up my diet.   I started by swapping my normal breakfast with a fruit smoothie.  From there, I tackled lunch and snacks.  Now, my kitchen is pretty well stocked with fruits and vegetables and I've tossed out most of the processed foods.  But - it took small steps of making that choice every time I went to the grocery store.  And, I still make that choice every day, especially when I eat out.

As I take these small steps, I'm noticing that my body feels so much better.  I've also made small changes to my exercise plan, even incorporating a day when I do just a 15-minute high intensity run rather than the longer three or four mile run I would normally do.  I've picked up slightly heavier weights for my muscle training as well and I have to admit, I'm liking the results.

I'm not perfect at this.  I do have days that I slip back into having a Snickers bar rather than kale chips.  However, it's so much easier to jump back on the bandwagon now that my small steps are becoming more of the norm rather than the exception.

So, what are some small steps that you can take today?

Today, I set the intention to continue taking small steps into unchartered waters, listening for guidance as I keep my thoughts focused on living the life of my dreams.

"The control of the mind is said to be the highest yoga; it is like the 
control of an unruly horse which must be made to obey its rider."  

"The individual writes the story of our lives through our thoughts, 
deeds, and interactions with creation."  

Affirmative Prayer:
Going within, there is a truth that is revealed - that a Presence for Good exists in all that is.  And, there is a truth that is known - that there is only One.  One life that is God's life now.  It is filled with joy and harmony, with peace and with grace.

It is always available, guiding and directing in perfect ways, and I unite with this Presence in this moment.  I can see clearly that this Divine Presence is a Power that is working through me and as me, sustaining my every choice and every action.

Embracing this Presence in my life, my wishes and my desires and my goals are filled with prosperity and abundance.  And as I align with the presence of Spirit, my life unfolds in ways even better than I can imagine.  I set intentions based in love and in joy and my intentions are made manifest in perfect, Divine timing.  Like precious pearls discovered within the shell of an oyster, so to are my dreams precious and revealed when they are ready to shine.  I take small steps in faith and the Universe reaches out to meet me, making my way easy.  I smile as I see reflected back to me a life filled with wonder and magic and miracles.

And from this place of miracles, I am so grateful for a loving Presence that says Yes to my wishes for a life filled with joy and harmony.  And I am thankful for the Divine guidance that directs my steps in delightful ways.  I am filled with gratitude for the prosperity and abundance that comes from following my heart.

Knowing that it is already done, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law.  I accept and I celebrate this truth.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.