Monday, December 16, 2013

Following My Intuition To Bring Beauty To My Life

Today was the day I hit the wall with my clutter and finally took action.   I swore that this time, when we moved into our new home, I would not let piles of "stuff" start to build up in every corner.  Of course, when life gets busy, I revert right back to my old ways.

So, I decided to pick one area to tackle and started emptying and tossing boxes, filling a bag for Goodwill and putting away things I decided were worth keeping.

What came up for me as I pushed through the work was that I need to do more than clear the clutter -  I need to add some beauty and order.  Otherwise, it still feels a bit like chaos.

Taking a break, I headed over to the mall to pick up some other things I needed and chose to be a window shopper for a while.  Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Macy's, Nordstrom - all of them had my head spinning with ideas.

In fact, it was too much for me.  It was overwhelming and I started feeling indecisive and frustrated.

The good news - I didn't have a panic or anxiety attack.  Instead, I stopped and allowed myself to tune into my intuition.

Out of everything I had seen, what would make me feel good?  What would bring me joy?  And what would give me a feeling of abundance but still fit into my budget?

By stopping and re-aligning with the intention I held for beautifying my home, I stepped back into my power.

At that point, I headed back to Nordstrom for only one item.   It would be perfect to put on the nightstand I cleaned up.

Putting this down in words, it sounds a bit silly as if this was just a matter shopping.  But I realized it was more than that.  I had set an intention for how I wanted my home to feel.  It was so energizing to tune into that voice within that knows my intention and is guiding me to a right and perfect outcome, even with interior design.

My home is an expression of me, of my unique voice and personality, and it is important to me.  When I allow the presence of Spirit to guide me in these small things that call to me, I can only smile to think what will happen with the bigger events in my life.

So, today I set the intention to allow myself be guided by my intuition, in small things and in big things, having faith that Spirit is supporting me in my unique expression of life.

"Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, 
for that determines our success or failure."  

"When intelligence makes a demand upon Itself, It answers Its own demand
 out of Its own nature and cannot help doing so!"  

Affirmative Prayer:
In the extraordinary flow of life, in the limitless energy of the Universe, there is only One.  One Power, One Presence, One Divine Wisdom.  It is always available, reaching out with enthusiasm for each new day, seeking expression through all that is.

As this Presence seeks expression, I lean into the One, knowing I can never be separate.  I live and have my being in this knowing, rejoicing in each moment that I am supported and sustained by a loving Power that wants only my highest and best as it moves through and around and as me.

In the perfection of this day, as I go within, I know that I am guided in every action I take.  As change takes place, I listen to my intuition and make choices that are based in Divine Wisdom.  There is no need for worry or for fear, instead there is a faith and trust that each choice - big or small - is based in love.  It is a freeing feeling to realize that a deep and profound magnificence is expressing perfectly with unlimited possibilities for my life now.

From this place of possibility, I am so grateful for the beauty that unfolds in my life, every single thing leading to another thing and another thing.  And I am thankful that I can use my intuition, my connection to Spirit, to move down a path toward an even greater good than I can imagine.

Allowing my life to flow from a place of gratitude, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  My life is blessed.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.