Thursday, November 28, 2013

Life Exists To Indulge

I have been making extra efforts this week to eat healthy and fit exercise into my schedule, including running a 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  Why?   Because I am ready to take a day off and feast on turkey and stuffing and potatoes and desserts.

Every once in a while I am reminded that life exists to indulge, to be undisciplined, to be extravagant.  Forget the moderation for just one day.

More than that, I am releasing any judgements I might have about myself for indulging.  For one day, I am allowing myself the treats that my soul desires without the  nagging voice within saying "Do you know how many calories are in that artichoke dip???"

And - I am excited!  There is a giddiness rising up in me just by knowing that I am going to be undisciplined in my eating.  I feel an aliveness that is sparking something almost childlike in me.

There is no doubt that balance is necessary and I'll get back on the moderation bandwagon on Friday (or maybe Saturday haha).  But - I'm am making space for the joy in letting go of what MUST be done and I am reveling in the thrill of what I'd LOVE to do.

As for clean-up, there will be no washing dishes. I've got nice paper plates that can be tossed when we're done.   The turkey is being cooked in an oven bag and the aluminum tray is disposable.

And, I refuse to feel guilty about being less than environmentally-friendly.

Today is my day and I am letting my Spirit out to celebrate.  I am acknowledging the "slacker" side of my personality and setting it free to simply experience the feelings.    And I am doing it all in gratitude that the possibility to be extravagant is an option in my life.

So my intention for today is to enjoy my social butterfly status and to let the party unfold in perfect ways for everyone to celebrate.

"You can reshape your thinking so that you never have to think
 in negative again.  You and only you choose your thoughts."