Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Intentionally Loving Everything

Life is a journey.  I know it's something I keep repeating as I remind myself not to stress about the little things that happen.  And I continue to nurture my dreams just like I would tend a garden - weeding out the limiting beliefs, planting new thoughts and desires.

But, I also feel the need to balance dreaming with accepting and allowing what is in my world right now.  For me, that means loving everything in my life - the things I label good and the things I label not so good.

So, when I had the flu recently, I decided to try an experiment.  After the second bout of the stomach bug hit and I realized what this was, I started paying attention to my breathing and talking lovingly to myself.

I embraced the virus, gave it thanks for whatever its purpose was and released the need to have the virus in my body.  Repeating this exercise - breathing deeply and really feeling the feelings of love throughout my body - I noticed that my body started responding by calming the waves of nausea that had taken over.

As I noticed the effect this exercise was having,  I became more present to the headache that had been slowly throbbing.  Continuing to give myself loving feelings, I went back to my mantra of releasing the need for the pounding in my head and not long after, the pain started to soften.  It took some time, however, after about 30 minutes, my head also started to feel much better.

Pretty soon, I was able to drift off into sleep and get some much needed rest.  (Why does the flu always hit at 3am in the morning???)

Talk about a beautiful practice!  By simply giving my full, loving attention to my body and what it needed in that moment, I was able to move through my flu bug easier than I have ever moved through an illness before.

Now that I've seen how magical it can be to not only accept EVERYTHING that is in my life but to LOVE it, I am looking for other areas of my "garden" that I can tend in this way.

So, today I set the intention to love what is in my life right now, moving through it all with grace and with ease.

"Each aspect within us needs understanding and compassion.  If we are 
unwilling to give it to ourselves how can we expect the world to give it to us?  
As we are, so is the Universe."  

"Compassion and love are not mere luxuries.  As a source of both inner and
 outer peace, they are fundamental to the continued survival of our species." 

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment, there is an all-powerful, all-knowing Presence that moves just as fire burns through a forest.  It is filled with brilliant flames of light and it makes the way for the new to grow and to thrive within a forest of brilliant sights and sounds and smells.

This Presence guides my steps with a passion that is unquenchable.  It surrounds and empowers each waking moment of my day until I am immersed in the knowing that Spirit is all there is and all there is exists within me. 

Taking step after step after step, I am uplifted with a confidence that I am Divinely guided as I move forward on my path.  I am loved beyond measure and see that reflected back in the everyday miracles that flow into my life.  Knowing that everything serves a purpose, I acknowledge the challenges and I move through them, lovingly releasing them when they are no longer needed.  The truth is that even in sickness, I am perfection.  Even with the appearance of lack, I am abundant.  I watch my thoughts and words, knowing that these are great tools for co-creating the life I desire.  And I embrace it all, praying without ceasing, and excited for what will be revealed in my life.  Right here and right now, I live like there is no tomorrow.

As I lean into this excitement, I give great thanks for the passion and desires that rise out of my soul.  And I am grateful for the embrace of Spirit as I accept and allow my dreams to rise to the surface and express in beautiful ways.  Breathing in courage, I am thankful for the wisdom of the Universe that always has my back.

Claiming the love of the Universe as my birthright, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done.  It is done with grace and it is done with ease.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

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