Monday, November 11, 2013

The Freedom in Tasting Life

I am always reminded of how much of life truly is a journey. I was again reminded of that reading the section of Mark Nepo’s Seven Thousand Ways To Listen, titled In the Presence of Sages. When I listen to or read anything by Eckhart Tolle, it is a good reminder to be present in the moment and fully available for what is happening now.

For me, Nepo takes that even a step farther when he talks about “tasting” life.

It’s not just about being present and aware but about experiencing what is happening and letting it flow through you. And, it is what makes this life such a wonderful journey.

I can reflect and contemplate all that I want about life but when I internalize all that I am experiencing, it allows me to tap into a Divine Wisdom that knows exactly what is for my highest and best in this life. It allows me the freedom to be who I am AND it tames my ego which says I must judge people and situations and circumstances.

 I do not have to judge any of it – I simply need to lean in and experience it.

I believe it is also this tasting, this internalizing, that allows me to work through and move past any limiting race consciousness beliefs. When I consider the idea that I continue to repeat the same mistakes, it seems like a daunting task to undo any limiting beliefs.

But, instead of running away from those experiences that seem less than ideal, when I allow them to be felt, to be honored and then to be released, I seem to move to another level of understanding. The same goes for moments of joy and beauty.

Rather than rush through them on the way to another experience, when I savor them and revel in them, I am filled with a deeper “consciousness of good” as Ernest Holmes calls it. Further, Holmes says that the consciousness of good “acts as a law of right action.”

 I am no longer limited in my experiences but am open to endless possibilities for “tasting” and for expressing God as Sandy. I am open to be who I came here to be.

So, today, I set the intention to taste life, letting every experience flow through me, knowing I am free to be exactly who I am called to be.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment."  ~Rumi

"Be patient and loving with every fearful thought.  Practice observing your fears as a witness, as you'll see them dissolve."  ~Wayne Dyer

Affirmative Prayer:
In every moment, there is a clarity that all is Divine Intelligence, that all is Divine Wisdom, that all is God.  This Wisdom and Intelligence guides in ways that inspire wonder at the magic of life.

And from this place of wonder is a knowing that this same Wisdom and Intelligence moves through me, uplifting me in ways that are magical.  I sit in anticipation of the good of God that expresses as me as I travel this path that is laid out before me.

My life is filled with endless possibilities and I remain present to each opportunity to taste and to experience life to its fullest.  I have a great destiny that is always unfolding in amazing ways and I am free to be exactly who I am called to be.  In this freedom, I take each step, knowing that my steps are guided by Grace and by Love. There is no need to fear or worry - all is well in my life and keeps getting better each and every day.  The Universe has my back and I can feel the pulsating of Source eagerly encouraging me to be brave, to take a chance, and to feel blessed that bigger and better plans are lining up to meet me, better than I can even imagine.

I am so thankful for the love, the joy and the prosperity that I receive each day.  And I am grateful for a Spirit that always says Yes!  Go for it!  I give great thanks for the support of a loving Universe that creates through me.

And from this place of love, I release my Word to the Divine action of the Law, knowing it is done, it is manifest and becoming form in this very moment.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.