Monday, November 25, 2013

Prayer Works When I Let It Go

I have spent the last few days writing my term paper for the end of my Year 2, Term 1 Practitioner Studies.  What has become clear is that Affirmative Prayer, or a Spiritual Mind Treatment, is more than just a 5-step process to create the life I desire.

It is really tapping into who I am at my core and my relationship to the Divine Presence within me.  It is from that perspective that I feel the last step in the treatment - release - is so vital.

For me, the last step requires complete faith that everything that has preceded in my affirmative prayer - recognition of God as my source, making God personal to me through unification, realization of my desires, and gratitude for receiving my good - will absolutely work.  

From that place of faith and trust, I can allow my intuition to guide me, allow God to work through me, knowing the Universe is showing me the best way to make manifest my good.

Even more amazing is when I release any fear and take a leap of faith, something EVEN BETTER shows up.  When I hang on to "how" things should look based on my past experience, I will always limit the possibility of what will show up.  

When I let the Universe do the work, I then create the space for miracles.

Ernest Holmes says in Science of Mind, "Because we fail to realize that Principle is not bound by precedent, we limit our faith to that which has already been accomplished, and few "miracles" result.  When, through intuition, faith finds its proper place under Divine Law, there are no limitations, and what are called miraculous results follow."

The really funny thing is that the release of the prayer to the Law is the shortest part of the treatment.  It highlights for me that prayer does not need to be extensive or complicated - it just needs to be heartfelt AND we must let it go.

So, my intention today is to trust that Life supports me when I let go and let God, knowing I am absolutely entitled to the best in all things.

"You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen." 
 ~Wayne Dyer

"The sooner we release our minds from the thought that we have to create, 
the sooner we shall be able to work in line with Spirit.  
~Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

Affirmative Prayer:
In this moment, a Divine Love exists at the center of all that is.  It is in the expectancy and the possibility of Life.  It is in the all-good that flows with no effort.  And this Life allows for the full expression of living - of touching and tasting and feeling - until the senses are in a state of wonder and bliss.

It is from this place of wonder and bliss that a knowing of Divine Love is felt as it moves through and around and as me.  It is me and I am it.  There is no separation, only a Oneness that enfolds and uplifts me as I experience each day fully.

Feeling the energy of the Oneness, I lean into God's vision for my life.  It is a vision filled with beauty and harmony and joy and greatness.  And sometimes there are tears and frustration as I learn the lesson that is for my highest expansion.  From this lesson, I know that something even better is here now.  And because I release what it looks like, I know that it is incredible.  My life is incredible and extraordinary!

I am filled with gratitude for the greatness that is my destiny.  And I am so thankful for a Universe that stands me in a life that is extraordinary.  It is all good and exactly as it should be.

Embracing the good, I release my word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done in amazing ways.  I need say nothing more other than I let it be so.  And so it is.  Amen.