Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Path To Our Greatest Joy

Could our deepest darkness be the path to our greatest joy?  I read this recently in Mastin Kipp's Daily Love and have been contemplating it for some time now.

Being in a New Thought community while facing challenges can seem less than authentic sometimes.  You start to hear repeated affirmations of "All is Well" or "Just remember that you and God are one."

I get that part, however, isn't everything God including our thoughts of fear or shame or embarrassment?  How can we really know peace and harmony and joy if we have not experienced their opposites?

I love listening to Iyanla Vanzant because she is a reminder that "all things are a lesson God would have us learn."  When we are going through challenges, if we feel the need to cry, it should be okay to honor that and let yourself cry - full out, snot flying, swollen red eyes and gut-wrenching sobbing.

Then - let it go.  Don't continue to stay in your story of how you were wronged, how it shouldn't have happened to you, how it's not your fault.

NOTICE your feelings.

LOVE yourself through them.


Even more remarkable, you might find that these feelings, when given the space to be heard, turn into blessings down the road.  I'm sure we've all heard stories:

- if I'd gotten that job, I would have been laid off within two months; instead I love the job I have now.
- if I'd bought the home I wanted last year, we'd have been in a financial mess; instead we have a beautiful home that we can easily afford.

In those stories, it is easy to se that there is something real around Divine Order.  While we may be creating our lives by using our thoughts, there is a Divine Energy that wants our highest and best.  I believe Divine Energy is using some of our darkest times to prepare us to receive that which is so grand and beautiful, we cannot even comprehend what it looks like.

But, through the pain and the loss and the grief, we will be ready - really ready - to accept it and allow it and be thankful for ALL of it.

So, my intention for today, is to experience all of my feelings, being compassionate with myself as I move toward a life of great joy.

"Each aspect within us needs understanding and compassion.  If we are 
unwilling to give it to ourselves how can we expect the world to give it to us?  
~Debbie Ford

"You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out 
or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?" 
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Affirmative Prayer:
As the day turns to evening and the stars start to fill the sky, with each twinkle from above there is a reminder that a Divine Intelligence, a Divine Wisdom also shines over and around and through all that is.  It is in the cry of a baby and the bark of a dog, It is in the caw of a bird and in the piano key as it strikes a chord.  It is a lyrical piece of music and in the words of a poet.

This Wisdom and Intelligence that is present in each moment also has It's being in me.  As I move and breathe, Spirit, Source, God, also moves and breathes, expanding as consciousness expands and glimmers in the realization that there is no separation, there is no where that God is not.

As my soul cries out in joy with that realization, I know there is greatness unfolding in my life.  And, though I may go through challenges and struggles, those challenges are there to lift me and show me that I can embrace all of it.  Without the darkness, how can I know light?  And as I see the light growing from within, I can release any appearance of negativity with a love for the clarity it has given me.  I can see now the limitless joy, the  courage, the strength, of who I really am. I let go of frustration and sorrow knowing it has served me as I move forward with a faith that the Universe has great plans for my life.   I am free to claim my prosperity and abundance, trusting that the Universe has my back.

I am so grateful for all of the good in my life.  I am grateful for the freedom to be who I am in each moment, knowing Spirit uplifts and up-levels my life for the better.  And I give thanks to a Universe of plenty, filled with grace and love.

Standing tall in this knowing, I release my Word in faith to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing that God's got this, knowing it is already done.  Joy surrounds me and I simply let it be so.   And so it is.  Amen.

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