Monday, April 29, 2013

Step Back in Line

As I set my intentions and chase my dreams, it seems a bit like a roller coaster ride lately.  The journey is not feeling easy and I imagined having a plan for my life would help release some of the fears and anxieties I hold as a Spiritual being living a human existence.  How can I get into the flow of ease and practice the art of allowing?  I suppose in a way life IS helping me to release as I work through the feelings that come up as I declare what my plan is.

So I choose to remember I can get off the roller coaster for a turn or two and get grounded.  Physical exercise is often the best way for me to get centered.  I go for a bike ride or take my dog for a walk.  I breathe in nature and start to feel my balance restored.  I allow myself to be who I am, not diminishing any of the feelings I've been having, but taking the time to go within.

Then, I get back in line to hop on the roller coaster again and I let the Universe support me in miraculous ways.