Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Try So Hard

I consider myself someone who try's really hard to surrender and accept what is.  So, after setting my intention yesterday to let go and accept what is, I hop in the car and what comes up on the radio - a song by Amy Grant, "Don't Try So Hard."'t-try-so-hard-lyrics.aspx

While I'm not Christian in the traditional sense, I am Spiritual and even though her lyrics mention that God gave me his Son, I look past that and see the Divine using her song to speak to me.

"Sandy, don't try so hard".  God does give me grace and I am enough just as I am, right here in each and every moment.  I am worth it and I can let go of any feelings of unworthiness.

Just to be clear tho' -  every emotion you're feeling does have a reason.  Feelings of unworthiness or not enough may show up.  Our work is to accept even those feelings and move through them, remembering we are enough exactly as we are.

Embrace every feeling that shows up, sitting with it just as it is.  And then remember who you are.  As Amy says in her song, "You're lovely with your scars.  Don't try so hard."