Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Subtlety Of Affirmations

Affirmations are so powerful and I'm learning that lesson all over again.  I've been fighting a flu bug that has turned into a cold that has turned into a cough that refuses to leave.  And, I'm pretty sure that I created this flu/cold/cough by buying into the 'flu season' talk.

"It's that time of year again - better stock up Vitamin C."

"Airplanes are filled with germs and spread so easily, I better wash my hands every chance I get."

It's subtle but I truly believe I've been telling the Universe that I expect to get sick.  It's just as easy for me to affirm health and wholeness and yet, I focus my words and my thoughts on avoidance and a 'wishful thinking' mentality.

When am I going to learn to trust in the law of good, to trust that the Universe is always supporting my best health and to really stand in that knowing?

I am just realizing that I have been buying into the lingering fear and doubt that Life can't always be this good.  It's a small crack in my faith and trust which has led me to manifest this lingering illness.

It's the difference between the trust IN God and the trust OF God.  And that small difference is where the real impact of affirmations lies.  Subtle, yet powerful....and life changing, for sure.

So, where in YOUR life are you using subtle affirmations to affirm your faith in what you DON'T want?

Today, I set the intention to have faith and trust in the power of my words, remembering that a subtle change can make a world of difference in my life.

"Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, 
every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, 
"More of this please. More of this please." 

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." 

Affirmative Prayer:
Letting go of the day for just a moment, and turning within, there is a Divine Presence that calls out to go deeper.  It is a joy beyond understanding and a peace beyond compare.  It is the fresh air that blows through the trees and the sunshine that warms the flowers.

I know, in the center of my consciousness, that this Infinite Intelligences lavishes me with abundance and loves me more than I can sometimes comprehend.  This Source of Life seeks expression through me, expanding my possibilities and potential beyond what I can even imagine.

I allow this Divine Love to simply wash over me and guide me to my greatest good.  I am open to the realization that life can always be so awesome, so amazing, so wonderful.  I detach from what I think things must look like and surrender to the power of Spirit that shows me how deserving I am of perfect health.  I release the need for any sort of flu bug or lingering cough and feel in my bones the vitality and energy of healing sweeping through.  I welcome the restoration of my easy breathing and peaceful sleep each night.  And I claim the ease with which I get out of bed each morning, ready to something wonderful to happen.

I am filled with gratitude for the wisdom that tells me I can trust the Universe to always have my back.  I am thankful for a healthy, thriving body that runs and jumps and plays with the ease of a child.  And I am grateful that I only need raise my vibration to one of wholeness and I can see the manifestation arrive in perfect, Divine timing.

Returning to the deep knowing of Oneness with the all-good of God, I release this prayer to the consciousness of the Divine, knowing it is already done.  My life is remarkable.  And I let it be so.  And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Celeste RC/Flickr