Saturday, March 22, 2014

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

"We are at liberty to choose what manner of life we shall live.  We should feel that in this choice we are backed by all the will, all the purpose and all the law in the universe."  Ernest Holmes said this in the book, How To Use The Science Of Mind.   Wow, how awesome is that!

I get to choose how I create my life.  By learning to use my thoughts and my feelings, I get to not only create a life that works but I am supported by the Universe in the process.

It's so easy to say that and another thing to actually believe that statement.  One reason it might be hard to believe is that if I buy into this concept, that means I also must take responsibility for what I'm creating.

Ugh, responsibility.  That's one of those words that my monkey mind loves to toss around - and toss out!  One of the many voices in my head (and there are a few - a whole committee sometimes!) loves to play the victim.

It's not my fault I'm late paying a bill - I had to pay way too much in taxes to the government.  

OR, it's not my fault I missed an important deadline - my boss makes it impossible for me to stay on top of things.

The TRUTH is that there are other voices in my head that I can choose to listen to instead of letting my inner victim rule the day.  I can choose to hit 'pause' on my critic and hit 'play' on my inner mystic.

My inner mystic says that I can let go of jealousy and worry and fear; those will keep me stuck - affirm and FEEL love and faith and trust instead.

My inner mystic says to tap into my imagination and create new thoughts that support the life of my dreams.

And - my inner mystic says think thoughts that bring joy and happiness - the Universe is here to support me and fill my life with unlimited possibilities.

Ernest Holmes also states that "man not only has a right to individualize creative power, nature has imposed this necessity upon him....his thought will always be creative, whether he knows it or not."

So, if my thought will always create my life, I guess it's time that I DO take responsibility and start creating a life of endless opportunities for abundance; a life of beautiful, meaningful relationships; and a life of powerful service to other people I share this journey with.

There is more to my life than I can imagine and it's my choice where it goes from here.

Today, I set the intention to use my thoughts to create a life that is filled with unlimited potential and possibilities for joy, abundance, prosperity and happiness, knowing that the Universe is here to support me in that reality.

"We are all spiritual and mental broadcasting stations.  There is a Silent Force flowing 
from us in every direction at all times.  How necessary it is that we assume the role
 of the announcer and broadcaster.  How necessary that we write our own program
 and deliver it ourselves."  

"Tomorrow is the most important day of your life.  Your greatest moment, your greatest
 achievement, your greatest adventure lies in the future, never in the past. There is a 
new you waiting to be created tomorrow.  That is the joy and wonder of the dawn.
  That is the excitement of it!"  

Affirmative Prayer:
In the beauty of the morning sunrise and the endless renewing of life, there is only One - One Divine Mind, One Divine Presence.  This Presence moves with a power and a grace that brings joy to all that exists in this moment now.

Acknowledging the joy and the grace and the power, I embrace this Divine Presence as It flows through me, expressing as me.  I align with the harmony that I call the Universe, Spirit, God and I am aware of the unfolding of something beautiful that is seeking to emerge.

Knowing that my thoughts are always creating, I welcome the blossoming of ideas that become form in ways that sometimes seem impossible.  As I let go of any thoughts of fear and step into more thoughts of a life filled with joy and prosperity, new opportunities for joy and prosperity seem to appear miraculously through serendipitous circumstances.  I am free to choose happiness and abundance, trusting that Spirit knows what is for my highest and best good and is directing me from that place in all things.

With deep gratitude, I watch in delight as my life is filled with more and more joy and happiness.  I am so thankful for the prosperity and abundance that is manifested in ways even better than I can imagine.  And I am grateful that I simply need to focus my thoughts and my imagination on wonderful possibilities and the Universe backs me up with the manifestation of thought into form.

With a grateful heart, I release my Word to the Divine Action of the Law, knowing it is already done. It is a beautiful day to be alive and my life is blessed.  And I let it be so.  And so it is!