Saturday, May 2, 2015

Have An Amazing Weekend

I've started listening to the audio book, The Girl on the Train, and can't wait to go for a nice, long drive so I can finish it.  It's become one of those book I can't put down!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend and here are a few fun and inspirational links from around the web....

Why it's better to keep your heart open

Love doesn't require fixing

This astronaut was taking a picture of earth when he discovers this

9 lies that happy people refuse to believe

5 questions to ask yourself before you say yes!

The universal flow of giving

Be the best you - TEDx

How to rewire your subconscious mind in 3 easy steps

What makes you so special?

Made me smile...

And this quote from Annie Dillard makes me think: "Aim for the chopping block. If you aim for the wood you will have nothing. Aim past the wood, aim through the wood; aim for the chopping block." 

Photo courtesy of Tomas Fano/Flickr

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