Thursday, September 17, 2015

Going Deep

This Thursday, Kevin and I are taking off for a 4-day spiritual retreat in the nearby Los Gatos mountains.  It's perfect timing because I have been hungering for time spent away from the chaos of work and home.  I almost feel as if I'm off on a quest to search for something more mystical, more spiritual and yet, more practical as far as living my life's purpose.

I've had a taste of this quest in the past in the form of growth opportunities.  I look back at some of my challenges - losing a job, living in an apartment at age 48, having my car towed - and I see that they have all led me to this beautiful chapter in my life currently.

I have a job I absolutely love. I live in a home I adore, filled with peace and joy.  I have a brand new Lexus that I can easily afford.

With all of those previous challenges, I have developed into a person who now allows others to help me.  I don't have to do it all alone.  My faith in the Universe has reached a point where I truly believe that Life has my back, through all of the turbulence that comes with change and growth.

And I have enjoyed the calm in my life over the past year, but I'm ready to evolve into the next iteration of my journey.  Based on past experience, that usually means there will be some worrisome moments and maybe a little bit of kicking and screaming against situations I find myself in.

Knowing all of this, it makes this retreat all the more important to my mastery of transformation.  It's a chance to get clear on what I DO want and what I DON'T want and to set the manifestation wheels in motion.  It's a chance to get quiet and simply breathe and reconnect to the Spirit within that will become my calm during any storms ahead of me.

And, it's a chance to tap into my inner wisdom that will guide me down a path of perfect Divine order.

So, today, I set the intention to remain open and allow my time at the retreat to strengthen me, to uncover even more potential for living my purpose, and to better who I am as I show up in the world.

"No matter how successful the personality becomes in accomplishing its goals, 
those goals will not be enough. Only when the personality begins
 to walk the path that its soul has chosen will it satisfy its hunger." 

Affirmative prayer:
Taking a breath, I lean into this sweet moment of seeking the One.  And in the seeking, there is the recognition of a Divine Presence.  It is the beauty of pure Spirit and limitless Substance.  It is the love and grace of Infinite Intelligence, as fresh as the ocean breeze and as strong as the most expansive mountain range.

Embracing this knowing, I feel the love and grace of Infinite Intelligence move through me and around me.  Perfect peace guides my steps and perfect joy lights my path.  I am Spirit expressing in everything I do and say.

Leaning even more deeply into the peace and joy of Spirit, I accept my evolution into the next iteration of my best self.  I let go of any doubt or fear that I can never be wise enough or strong enough and instead, I welcome the knowing that Divine Intelligence will guide my steps.  I am able to just be me as I surrender to the process of beautiful growth.  And I welcome the future that is in alignment with my purpose here at this time.

I am so grateful for opportunities to remove myself from the world and tap into the mystical.  I give thanks for the wonderful transformation that takes place as I remain in the present moment, letting prosperity and abundance wash over me.  And I say Thank You, Sweet Spirit, for the gifts I receive as I allow myself to just be me.

Smiling in anticipation of my good, I release my prayer to the Law of Mind, knowing it is already done. It is already here and now.  I only need uncover and discover it.  Amen.  Alleluia.  And so it is.